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Citrus Fruits

Gilad Sadan

“The Packaging Hippie” 

N.A.V.I. Co Global

Network, Advice, Value, Innovation


Creative Agency with a focus on Sustainability & Packaging as a Marketing Tool. 

Speaks fluent Packaguese & Sustainanese.

NAVI Co Global specialises in innovations for the Fresh Produce sector focusing on new packaging development, branding, marketing, in store executions and engaging artwork design to grab consumers attention. 

Taking products from concept to fruition.


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An Innovation island in a Sea of rising cots.

More 4 Less

Sustainability as a force multiplier.

“How less availability increases sustainability”

Growing supply chain challenges, increase in input costs, shortages and resources scarcity in the coming months and years will have an immense impact on product availability and will challenge the notion of what consumers and retailers view as “Value for Money” 

How will the current landscape of 2024 and forward into 2025 impact the range of products and packaging consumers expect to purchase and what will their hierarchy of needs be?

Less resources available will mean that we have to make more use of what we have and that is in itself embodiment of true sustainability.

Sharing examples of where innovation & global trends fit in the current landscape and how they can be justified?

Gilad Sadan personal branding by Ksenia Belova-.jpg
Citrus Fruits
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Talking Heads Asiafruit September 2016
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