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Gilad Sadan

“The Packaging Hippie” 


My journey into the realm of fresh produce and sustainable packaging is a rich tapestry woven from generations of passion and expertise. My story begins with my grandfather, an agronomist for the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture, who instilled in me a profound love for the earth and its bounty. My father, an electrical engineer, sparked my curiosity for innovation and problem-solving, while my mother, an English teacher and a multi-talented artist, nurtured my creative spirit through painting, sculpting, and intricate 3D miniatures.

I took these diverse influences and charted my own course, studying art and computerized graphics. This multidisciplinary approach has become the cornerstone of my work, blending creativity, technology, and a deep respect for nature. As an early adopter of emerging trends, I am always at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge solutions into packaging design, ensuring that every product we develop is not only functional but also irresistibly appealing.


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We believe that "Sustainable = Irresistible!

Also Known as- V for Victory." We transform sustainability into a powerful marketing tool, particularly in the fresh produce sector. From packaging development and branding to in-store executions and captivating artwork designs, we ensure that every project captures the consumer’s attention from concept to completion.

We thrive on turning constraints into creativity and cost into opportunity. By addressing the pressing challenges of rising costs, supply chain disruptions, and resource scarcity, we redefine "Value for Money" in today's market. Our mission is to make sustainability not just good for the planet, but a winning strategy on retail shelves, enhancing both the volume and value of products.

Join me on this journey as we revolutionize the packaging industry, one innovative, sustainable, and irresistible design at a time. Welcome to the world of the Packaging Hippie

Gilad Sadan personal branding by Ksenia Belova-.jpg
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